giO media is known for its personal attention and therefore rather creates a consultancy role than being an ‘one-stop-shop’ for its clients. Unlike many other agencies, we do pay a high attention for your personal marketing- and branding strategies.

For example, in addition to creating a media campaign only, giO media consults its clients in selecting the right media channels, which will be more cost effective and offer you a better return of investment.

We gain our knowledge through networking events and the sharing of expertise with others. We offer our knowledge by telling you the truth and only sharing information that is relevant to you and your company.

Please find below a selection of our services:


Let our company handle the media buying for your new advertising campaign! With our extensive network of well-known and trustworthy media suppliers from all over the world, giO media’s Buying Division can provide you with the best rates and most cost effective media campaigns, all customized to your personal needs!


In addition to our buying unit, why not use giO media as your campaign’s media planner! Having access to both national- and international media channels, giO media’s Planning Division makes sure your product, brand or company will be seen, heard and experienced, all customized to your personal needs!


Don’t have enough staff or experience in order to create and develop your own marketing advertising campaigns? Let giO media do it for you! With experienced marketing staff on board, we can provide your company or marketing division with customer friendly consultancy, whether needed for print, TV, out-of-home or digital media strategies!


Last but not least, giO media organizes special media and marketing events and lectures. Whether you need an event for an open- or closed group, university, company or individual, contact us now for our offers and tailor-made programs!